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MOUKDA PRODUCTION is a production company based in France.We produce series and short films for traditional and digital media using animation and live-action filming. Our hearts beat for stop motion animation, our speciality. Our passion is to tell stories that inspire dreams. We have the talent to turn these stories into moving image.

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Kèota Dengmanara

Kèota Dengmanara is the founder of MOUKDA PRODUCTION.Kèota and Diana Hentulescu, her associate met on the school benches of Gobelins in 2013-2014 during the license "Management of audiovisual production" (animation, cinema and television).
Graduating HEC Entrepreneurs Specialized Business Master via the fighters program "Nos quartiers not des talents" in 2010, Kèota has decided to integrate Gobelins in order to realise her dream to produce animation. It was then she discovered the young talent Myriam Schott via ZOOBOX. Kèota is now working to develop Moukda Production actively searching for content to produce as well as business partnerships.

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Diana Hentulescu

Diana is a Creative Producer and Production Manager. She has worked as a Vfx Production Supervisor for blockbuster films such as Despicable Me 3 and The Secret Life of Pets, but also as a Project Leader of Season of the Force (Star Wars - Disneyland Paris) & Summer of the Heroes (Marvel - Disneyland Paris), two projects involving video projection mapping, VFX & live action. In 2018, Diana has completed ASF - Animation sans frontières, an international development lab for directors and producers focussing on international coproductions and ran by Filmakademie in Germany, MOME in Hungary, The Animation Workshop in Denmark and GOBELINS France. Diana graduated a Production Management Course in Gobelins (France) and from a BA in Fine Art Sculpture,  Coventry University (UK) in 2012.

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Grow, inspire, amuse, relate, move, dream and conquer.


Umbrellas - Parapluies  12' short film - currently in festivals

In a faraway land where the rain never stops, six-year-old Kyna spends her days playing carelessly with her dog Nana under the protective "umbrella beard" of her father, Din. He let it grow in order to shelter Kyna, who developed fear of rain on the day she was born. One night, Kyna’s life turns upside down when Nana disappears. To find her, Kyna will have to embark on an adventure of self discovery and she will be bound to face her great fear, the Rain.

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ZOOBOX - TV Special and TV Series

ZOOBOX is a comedy and adventure stop motion animation project for children 3-6. Kerala, the kangaroo, is so eager to explore the wonderous place that became her home, a great big ship with amazing and diverse animals living in it. Lina the crocodile, Rodolphe the pink flamingo and Burt the bison, will all help The story is loosely inspired by Noah's ark.

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Starting with Hope - TV Series and Transmedia Project

A very small light can pierce even the darkest shadows...
Personal short accounts about the battle on depression. This animated mini-short series will give hope to those who have none for depression can reach any age group or social class. It will accompany those who are alone and perhaps give some clues to their community. It will reach unreachables through the virality of the internet.


Projects to come

A feature film in stop motion animation is on its way. It is based on a modern chronicle book about a very special kingdom with a king like no other.

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Starry Sky


MOUKDA PRODUCTION will produce your next marketing film. Our offer? Use all our imagination in order to conceive short and innovative videos using animation and film.

Let our skilled and enthusiast team create a video tailored to your needs. Our assets? We are transparent and we adapt to any type of budget in order to help you achieve marketing success. All of the steps involved in the creation process will be accompanied with energy and flexibility by our talented crew.

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1 min 30 2D Animation Video

Video for a dyabetes prevention campaign in Mayotte For the Sada City Council in partnership with Aspic and l'ARS Agence de santé Océan Indien

Vidéo by Thijs Koole.

Vidéo à venir


2 min Live Action Video

Time2Start, is a business accelerator that focusses on discovering talents from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. 

Video by Sonia Velvien.



Stop Motion Video in polystyrene and clay

Video by Myriam Schott for a Chinese amusement parc, Xin Tai. 

See her showreel here:

Contact us in order to discover our pannel of international directors.

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Laptop & Coffee
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"The power of a dream..."

The Echo Entrepreneurs

Kèota got her article in the prestigious Echo Entrepreneurs. See it here.

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